Eve's Original Artwork

May 09, 2015

Although this blog is mainly used to post about my projects and the collaborations with my toddler, Eve, I wanted to create an ALBUM dedicated solely to her work.

I know how easy it is to underestimate a toddler's "scribbles" or creations, but the more pieces Eve created the more
beauty and life I found shining through them!

Children have such a beautiful take on shapes, colors and textures that is so completely outside of the box. They haven't been taught what is and isn't "right" / "normal" yet, so their work is completely unique and REAL, with no outside bias or influence.

Not only can a child's work stretch the boundaries of what we know, but it can be used as an inspiration, a teaching method, to what we are truly capable of.

All of the paintings in this album were created solely by Eve with no outside instruction. She tends to create several pieces in one sitting and chooses one or two that I can collaborate with, however these remain completely hers.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Feel free to take a look and see what YOU can see in them. Leave a comment to share your vision and experience with the rest of us :)

To see the entire Album click here: EVE'S ORIGINAL ARTWORK

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