The Beauty of Collaborating at any Age

November 07, 2014

Up until recently my collaborations have been solely with Eve, it has drawn us closer together and now we are not only bonded as mother and daughter but artists as well. We are each others teacher, partner and inspiration and are discovering new worlds within every priceless moment shared creating.

I have adored these moments and can't believe I get to continue this journey with her. I literally have to pinch myself on the daily that this is the path we are able to tread, I don't know when or if Eve will move on but until then I am over the moon with joy for this experience.

That being said I have realized that I can and should open up more of my world by collaborating with others, creating more memories and treasures to share. That is when my mom shared with me her wonderful idea of collaborating with someone else who I hold dear to my heart.

Within the last two months my Grandma has suffered a heart attack, and a stroke shortly after, leaving her in the hospital where she is working at gaining her strength and mobility back. Now, this isn't any Grandma. It's my Grandma, one of the most positive, uplifting people who has an inner strength and beauty that shines onto all those around her. Anyone who has had the chance to have their path meet with her is truly blessed and I am grateful to be able to call her Grandma.

My Mom had this brilliant idea that had me smiling from ear to ear with the beauty of it.

Why not collaborate with my Grandma?

 Not only would it let us create together, but would help her strengthen her muscles and hopefully lift her spirits. I can't even begin to explain how much it meant to me.

I have been so focused on letting the young minds of the world be our teachers that I forgot those who have lived it all, who have treasures of wisdom and life experience just waiting to be shared. I strongly encourage you all to try collaborating with someone close to you that is older. Not only will it lift both of your spirits but that time spent and creation made will provide more joy and wisdom to be shared than you could possibly imagine.

My Grandma created 4 drawings in total and considering how hard it must have been to draw is simply amazing.

I took on two of them...

This one is of two buildings my Grandpa built, side by side, that my grandparents lived in.

This one is of my Grandma's cat, "Babe."

And I wanted Eve to share this opportunity to collaborate with her Great Grandmother and she took on the other two of my Grandma's drawings.

 It was truly an honor to be able to do this and I will treasure this for the rest of my life. My Grandma is such an incredibly, strong woman of tremendous character, I can only pray to become even half the woman she is.

 I look forward to being able to collaborate with her again as soon as she is feeling up to it.

Up until now I have tried to encourage adults to collaborate with their children, but now I hope you try it with your parents or grandparents or even someone else elderly that you hold dear.

It might mean the world to them to share this with you and as it was in my case, it might mean the world to you too.

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  1. Oh this was incredible and very heartwarming.

    Love the creativity with these pieces.

    ~ Lu