Through a Child's Eyes

September 08, 2014

Yesterday I posted this photo of my lovely daughter, Eve with one of her most recent drawings. Along with the photo I asked, "What do you see?" to the viewer. The range of responses that I got is why I LOVE what a child can bring out of an adult. As we get older we tend to create this box that everything is supposed to fit neatly into, all of our ideas and goals in life are according to some sort of plan.

As a child there is no box. It is just endless freedom to explore any and every possible avenue of creativity and adventure. Although children look up to us for guidance and instruction it is equally as important that we take time off from our busy lives to just sit and listen to them, no matter how strange their ideas may seem. Take a turn to become the student and let a child be the teacher, let them help you remember what it is like to just let go and run free!

When I look at Eve's drawings all sorts of pictures flood through my head of what it could be. I love that by asking other people, "What do you see," it showed the beauty of a child's artwork and what it brought out in each individual. Almost every single person saw something different in her shapes and lines that had forced them to think outside the box and come up with what could be, according to them.

I have listed the responses down below.

Jamie H. - Flock of geese! 

Natalie B. - An umbrella! 

Mike M. - I see an insect between grass 

Rachel D - yeah I see a rainy day, with windswept rain, puddles, and definitely an umbrella and rain boots lol

Christian R - pheonix rising!

Amy P - I definitely see a bird too - heading North East. Definitely a Phoenix rising.

Em R - Merry go round 

Nelson S - i see a head of a baby zebra laying on the floor........on the left side behind the picture.... and a head of a big Cobra with mouth open ....but with buck teeth on the top right behind the picture

Lauren H - A wolf

Helen C - I see a mountain range and wigwams.

Ken B -I see a close up view of wild flowers on a shoreline

Victor J - A bucking Shetland Pony

Kristy O - I see a red bird looking at me. Couldn't help it!!!

Dorothy O - I see snoopy the dog with a bird to the left, (or a butterfly) a butterfly on his nose and to the right of him.
Nicole B - A teepee and fence.

Laura S - baby giraffe

Meagan M - (Also see a water fall)

Now what do YOU see?

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  1. I see long grass and sea oats swaying in the breeze on a dune, with the ocean in the background.

  2. A wave curling in wards

  3. I see rabbit ears. The bunny is hiding in the tall grass.

  4. I see a mountain range with a storm crashing up against it. :)

  5. I saw pedestrians crossing the street on a rainy day.

  6. I see a horse coming toward me with all four legs and a tail on my right(her left).

  7. I see French fries! :-) This is very sweet and empowering for parenting & motherhood, I would love to do this when I have kids :-) You are both inspiring so many people, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Andrea for your kind comment :) It is an amazing experience and I hope you try it one day with your kids! If you don't want to wait until then try it with someone close to you, I recently collaborated with my Grandma and it was so wonderful!
      Thank you for stopping by!

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