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September 29, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Kim from EBS News in South Korea via Skype and am so grateful for how welcoming he was. The entire EBS News team was so warm and encouraging I felt honored that they wanted to share mine and Eve's story.

Educational Broadcasting System or EBS is the only educational television and radio network covering South Korean territory, and the only major South Korean radio and television network without a separate regional service. EBS strives to supplement school education and promote lifelong education for everyone in Korea.

To watch the interview please visit the link below.

I have also posted down below the interview translated into english.


Transforming Young Daughter’s Scribble into an Art Piece 

All of you must be familiar with children’s scribbles like this.

But you will be surprised to find out that these scribbles can actually transform into an art piece!

Meet Ruth Oosterman, a Canadian painter, and her two-year old daughter, Eve.

“Hello, EBS TV News viewers. My name is Ruth Oosterman and this is Eve. She is my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. And we have recently begun collaborating with each other with our arts. So, she will begin a sketch for me. She will sketch out and she will give me an inspiration and guidance as to what direction to take it in, and I will take her sketch and paint over top of it and kind of include her scribbles and drawings and turn a painting out of it. And we are very excited to share this with you and our process. We hope you enjoy it!” 

Oosterman began exploring her talent at a young age and her work can be found at numerous exhibitions throughout Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

She used to specialize in portraits and landscape paintings. But she went into a slump while she was pregnant with Eve and wasn’t able to neither draw nor paint.

However, after giving birth to her daughter, Oosterman drew inspiration from her daughter’s scribbles and was finally able to draw and paint again.

“When I paint with Eve, it is such a gift that gives me because she just makes strokes and movements and scribbles, and there’s no second-guessing herself. There’s no idea that she could ever make a mistake and I find that so beautiful and inspiring for me. So when I paint with her, it encourages me to not second-guess myself and any mistake that I think that I’m making to realize that it’s not a mistake and it’s actually art and that it’s just a process of making art.” 

Eve used to draw and make strokes using dark pens but she recently started painting on her mother’s sketches.

It really seems like she is very talented for a two year old.
She probably has her mother’s artistic genes.

But Oosterman says that all children are born with artistic talent and that they all have the desires to create something new.

She stresses it’s the parents who should discover and support their children’s talent, and that they should take their time to sit down and truly communicate with their children.

I think it’s important that parents take the time to sit down with our kids and ask them about their passions and desires in life and encourage any desire that they have to be creative whatsoever. It’s giving them foundation of confidence within themselves.” 

Oosterman is currently planning to have a small exhibition where she can share her works with Eve with others.

We’re very excited to see their upcoming art works.
Now, let’s listen to what this lovely family has to say.

“Thank you. I feel so honored and grateful to be able to do this interview and spend some time with you guys. So we’re very blessed, very grateful. Thank you. Will you say thank you?”
“Thank you.”
“Will you say good bye?”

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