The Queen

September 14, 2014

If you were to ask a little girl today what her favourite Disney Character would be, 9 out of 10 times they would say Elsa or Anna.

Eve is obsessed and that is putting it lightly. She will belt out her own version of "Let It Go"
(which consists of the chorus line repeated over and over) and odds are this will usually happen at 2 AM.

My neighbors just love us.

For this collaboration she continued to sing "Let It Go" throughout her drawing and talked how it was Elsa on the mountain. When she handed it to me to paint I asked her what she would like, obviously the answer was Elsa.

I gave it a few minutes while I tried to figure out where I could put Elsa and began to sketch. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Eve's original sketch and only have the photo below of her drawing with some of my pencil lines added. Whoops! Lesson learned.

I wanted to try a more realistic take on Elsa to challenge myself. 
Here is the final product.

As all of our collaborations start, Eve created her own sketch with an ink pen which I then use to turn into a watercolor painting. The sketch is completely her own with no instruction given from me, I simply use her creativity to inspire me to create a painting.

Make sure to watch the time lapse video of the process from start to finish! 
To purchase an ART PRINT of this painting head on over to Eve's Etsy shop:

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