The "I Dented your Car" Prank

September 29, 2014

Although most people know me as an artist there is another side to me that comes out every so often. The Mischievous Mommy side...

There is something wrong with me. I doubt a day goes by where I am not thinking of some way to prank anyone who happens to be around me. I honestly cannot help it. I was just born with this constant need to be mischievous in any way possible, unfortunately for my fiance the target usually ends up being him.

Today's prank was the "I Dented your Car" prank.

To pull off this prank you will need:
- One Pen
- Piece of Paper
- A target (Someone you know or to up the ante, a stranger)
- Access to target's car 

This involves writing a note (in handwriting that the target will not recognize) that says something along the lines of:

"I dented your car, my apologies. I don't have any insurance so I can't leave a phone #, I just thought you should know what happened. Sorry again..."

Then you wait for said target to head to the car and watch from a good hiding spot as they play ring around the rosie with the car. In this case, it was particularly enjoyable as this was a car my fiance had borrowed and was supposed to return that very night. Watching him circle the car for a good three minutes was absolutely hilarious and this is definitely a prank that will be repeated.

The "I Dented Your Car" Prank

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