April Fools 2015

April 09, 2015

My dear, oblivious finance was under the assumption that I would be too sick to prank him this year. Which means I absolutely had to.
My very reputation and his secret fear of me, that I have worked so hard to establish, depended on it.

That being said, I spared him from some of the more extreme pranks I wanted to pull and went with a few smaller, more subtle ones to take the edge off the day.

Here are the pranks pulled on my favourite day of the year, April Fools, with explanations down below.

April Fools 2015
# 1 "Bibbity Bobbity Boo" - Enlist a toddler to tire out your victim and when they fall asleep, apply various princess themed, temporary tattoos.
# 2 "The Colgate Blue" - Drip blue food coloring onto the blue part of the toothbrush bristles then lay flat to dry. Once completely dry return the toothbrush back to it's home and patiently wait to see your victim's fresh, blue smile.
# 3 "Spilt Milk" - Use glue to create a realistic, yet fake, milk spill. This ...works best when you let it dry completely overnight and THEN move it to your desired location, for best results leave on the victim's newly purchased laptop. Blame Toddler if you have one available.
 4 "Screaming Cockroach" - Cut out the silhouette of a large bug, preferably cockroach, and tape it to the inside of victim's lamp. Lay in wait nearby and make sure to witness one of the most hilarious, panicked reactions you will probably ever see. Try not to smile as victim fluctuates between panicked screaming to hitting the lamp with determined fierceness. 
#5 The "Apology" Card -  Last, but not least, finish the day off with an apology card filled with sparkles. To ensure best results glue a flap that holds the glittery sparkles in place so they POP out and cover victim when opened. Bonus points if you wait till they get dressed for work, or better yet send them to work with the card.
Let's just say that by day's end, he had had quite enough of me and my twisted sense of humor.
And just in case you are looking for one or two more ideas here are two pranks from last year, now all you need is a target!
Happy Pranking!


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