The Wily Fox - A Collaboration with my Toddler

May 20, 2015

A painting collaboration with my toddler 
"The Wily Fox" is one of the largest collaborations that Eve and I have created since we used acrylic on a 2 ft. x 4 ft. canvas. I had an incredible time watching Eve create this piece and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that 80% or more of this painting is all her doing.

The first half was created a few months ago and she decided to add more recently using a bright orange red, once this layer was completed I saw the Wily Fox just shouting at me. Every time I looked at her painting I could see the Fox's eye staring at me over his shoulder, a hat casually placed about to fall off and a bright abstract, colorful coat. Although I know I could have done more with this collaboration, I really wanted to leave as much of Eve's work as possible. The colors, shapes and vibrancy that exudes from her work is so unique and special to me that all I allowed myself to do was carefully add in some facial features, bushiness to the tail and add a bit more shape to the ears and coat.
Once I showed her the final piece she was so excited to see the Fox's eye and wouldn't stop talking about how we both painted it, of course she loves to mention how the tail was made from her adorable fall. (As you can see in the time lapse video)
Here is what the first layer looked like.

A couple months later she spotted the painting and wanted to add more. I gave her a cooking pan with bright yellow and red paint which she immediately mixed together with her feet to create a very vibrant orange and went to town.

Of course, when you give a toddler red paint and the freedom to reign, your home quickly begins to resemble a creepy, crime scene... I struggled with being a mature adult and cleaning it up or giving my hubby a heart attack and leaving the horrifying scene untouched for him to discover, after work, as Eve and I hid in the closet...

Surprisingly, I chose the more mature route and cleaned it up. Next time he won't be so lucky! Here is her painting when she was complete. 

Although I could see more of a story in her painting and there were moments where I wanted to add more lines and colors I made sure to hold back. This painting is so vibrant and beautiful on it's own and I wanted to make sure it stayed that way.


As you can see through the time lapse video I focused on bringing out the facial features, defining the ears and trying to capture the idea that it is a Wily Fox looking over his shoulder. He is wearing a bright, geometric and abstract looking coat with the collar popped up, his bright and bushy tail whips out in front and his hat just about to fall off his head. In my mind he is the Sherlock Holmes of foxes, wily and intelligent, but one you want to watch out for.

He is definitely a character of a children's story I hope to write about one day, whether he is a good or bad character, or perhaps somewhere in the middle, is yet to be discovered.


Make sure to watch the time lapse video!

What did YOU see in Eve's painting?!?





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