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May 18, 2015

The last few months I have struggled with climbing out of the dreaded "Creative Rut." With being so sick with Hyperemesis, I found it took a huge toll on my physical and mental health leading me to avoid any and all creative activity. Of course, as a creative person, when you stop doing what you love a small part of you begins to die.

Thank goodness I have Eve to constantly push me to use my imagination and feel inspired by her beautiful mind! The last month or so I've been forcing myself to just pick up a brush and go with it, let the creativity flow naturally and not to force ideas onto paper. With her inspiration and help I have created a few solo pieces I thought I'd share today and we have even started a handful of collaborations together that I will be posting in the weeks to come.

Feels AMAZING to be back doing what I love, thank you for continuing to follow my journey as an artist and mother, I hope you enjoy these pieces!

"The Midnight Train"
Watercolor - 11 x 14
Never fear the unknown for that is half the adventure. There are so few adventures in life we must make sure to embrace every single one.

Acrylic - 16 x 20 Canvas

 I felt a lot of joy and peace as I painted this piece, there is something so calming about the majestic colors of a sunset being swallowed by the rich blues of our night skies. Twilight is such a brief moment where it honestly feels like anything is possible. All of the elements combine into a mixing pot to create such beautiful illusions, if you stare long enough you can lose yourself into that moment of time. That moment of time where time itself seems to stop existing, where you no longer know if the sun is setting or rising and it matters not where you are. That is when the magical stories of Twilight come to be.

Watercolor - 9 x 12

A reminder that every person you meet is fighting a battle unbeknownst to you, something that is bottled up deep inside. No matter how calm or happy their demeanor may appear, a battle is raging inside as they fight those inner demons.

 Patience. Understanding. Empathy.

Three priceless things you may offer to help them quell the storm, before they explode. Never underestimate or assume the hardships of another's journey or compare your own to theirs, for each of them are as unique as us.

Everyone has their own story, I have never met a strong person without a difficult past.

"When words fail, music speaks"
Watercolor - 9 x 12

 Where Heaven and Earth Collide"
Watercolor on a 16 x 20 Art Board

I truly believe there are these magical places around the world where the heavens and earth collide, creating a gateway from the one world to the next. Although only a handful have ever witnessed these rare moments I would like to think it would look something like this... The heavens filled with vibrancy and colors, too many to fathom, that simply spill over into our world leaving it's mark. There would be no need for a staircase as you could simply walk from earth to clouds as they collide and be lifted into the
Our universe and Creator are truly majestic to behold.

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  1. These are all pretty! I love the train!


  2. I love your bottle neck... It's an inspiration

    1. I'm thrilled you like it Sarah, your comment made my day, thank you :)