"Blue Eyes" - A Collaboration with my Toddler

May 30, 2015

A Collaboration with my Toddler

"Blue Eyes" 

by Eve and Ruth Oosterman

This painting was the product of an accidental collaboration that opened my eyes to a whole new way of collaborating with Eve in regards to portraits. I had sketched out a portrait from a baby photo of Eve that I had been meaning to turn into a watercolor painting, when Eve decided she absolutely HAD to help me with it.

 Of course, I wanted to see where it would go and we were able to paint side by side for much longer than usual as she colored it in. Once she had her fill of painting, I began adding some highlights, shading and finished it off with some charcoal and a white pen.

Two of our other paintings, "The Almighty Lion" and "Mr. Blueberry Giraffe," were created using the same method of Eve painting over one of my sketches, however this is the first time we had tried a portrait. This makes me SO excited to continue painting portraits, with her help, especially now that her attention span is growing!

Here is the time lapse video of "Blue Eyes" coming into creation, Enjoy!

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