The Moon Bear

January 10, 2015


A Collaboration with my Toddler

 There were so many things I could see in Eve's original drawing but this time I knew exactly what had to be done. As she was drawing I had noticed her holding a tiny little bear figure, I slowly realized that she had been using it as a reference while she created her drawing. This was the first time she had ever done something like this and it blew me away, not only because of her new thought process but how quickly she was growing up. As it was beyond obvious that her drawing was about a bear, I knew I had to incorporate her ideas into the collaboration piece, which is exactly how "The Moon Bear" came to be.
I used the lines in the upper right hand corner as the bear's nose and after getting Eve's permission I began to paint.

Originally I had wanted to create a more realistic looking bear but the piece took on a life of it's own. As I was painting in the shaggy fur under the chin it began to remind me of pine trees and I realized I had to just accept what was. It ended up becoming a whimsical, magical painting of a bear that dreamt of meeting the moon one day. There is a story that is lingering in my head that I look forward to writing, but at the moment it is too jumbled up. Once it finds it's way out I will most definitely share it with you.

Whenever I am painting a collaboration piece I try to have a station for Eve set up in case she decides to join me in painting. I never want her to feel pressured to paint so this way she can choose when and if she wants to join in. This time she only joined me for a short while, unlike the Almighty Lion, but as an artist I can understand that sometimes you can just not be in the mood. I am really looking forward to creating more pieces like the Almighty Lion that had as painting side by side.

Here is the video, Enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful as always!


  2. What specific media does Eve use for her drawing part?

    1. Hello! When Eve is drawing she uses a Dual Brush Pen by TomBow, we bought them from Curry's Art store but you also buy them online. When you use a wet paintbrush over top of the black markings it seeps into a beautiful rich purple with a similar consistency as watercolor paints. The pen's also come in a range of colors :)