The Red Bucket - A Collaboration with my Toddler

January 07, 2015

This piece, "The Red Bucket," was a spontaneous painting from one of my favourite photos of Eve at the beach holding her beloved red bucket. It all began with Eve painting at her easel while I set up my supplies to paint the photo of her all on my own, somehow one thing led to another and it resulted in us painting side by side to create this unique painting. Eve had wanted to help me paint so I figured, why not? If anything it would be a test of my ability to adapt to outside elements and help me learn to change my vision in the moment. While I originally had wanted to paint a very realistic painting of the photo, it ended up being more abstract and I absolutely love knowing that Eve is the reason why. The painting hold so much more meaning to me and I will always treasure it.
Of course, Eve soon moved on after painting what she did in search of another activity, which inevitably ended up being spinning the chair I had the camera on, unbeknownst to me. I apologize for abrupt changes in regards to the filming, I did my best to cut out all the dizzying clips!
The painting was created in under 20 minutes, whenever I collaborate with Eve I do my best to complete the painting in the least amount of time. This prevents me from holding back and worrying about making mistakes, instead I am learning to accept and embrace whatever happens as part of the piece.
If you are looking to test your level of patience then I highly recommend painting a piece with a toddler :)

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