Painting with a 9 month old present

May 30, 2016

As an artist I find there is a stark contrast as to what people think you do and what you really do, especially when you also play a parental role. While it would be great to envision myself in a gorgeous, white studio with natural light pouring in and soothing music playing in the background, that is far from a reality. I hope this video encourages others (especially fellow parents) into realizing that you have to carve out the time to create no matter what.

In fact, you might find as I did that the more chaos and obstacles you face in order to create, the more you evolve as an artist. Friction always causes change... growth. Be excited that the process isn't always easy and picture perfect for that is when you have the opportunity to shine the brightest and grow the most.

It is never about the end result but the journey you took to get there.

Here is a quick snippet of my 9 month old's first experience with painting! 

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