May 25, 2016


Before Eve was born I would say that art was my hobby, but the minute she came into my life she transformed every single aspect of who I am. What used to be an enjoyable past time became a passion, she taught me from the get go what it means to pursue something just by witnessing her day to day passion for life and all it’s little things. Children see such beauty and unbiased viewpoints of our world that inspire their work to be true to who they are. They have been untouched by society's warped views and are in a raw form of artistry, not subject to "rules" or caught up in a particular style or box. They just create, without second guessing or fear of failure. There is such a brief time in our lives where this magic takes place before doubt seeps in and I am thrilled that Eve has held on for so long. 

I was browsing through some old photos and decided to compile a timeline of her creativity and how she has grown as an artist. I believe it is incredibly important to allow children unstructured creative time with no one looking over their shoulder. Don't worry about the potential mess just let them have complete freedom, for it is NEVER the end product that will matter but the journey they take to get there. Those are the memories and lessons they will hold onto forever. 

She does not second guess or question why she is doing it, she trusts her natural instincts and that is art in it’s truest form. Soon life will catch up to her, as will doubt and fear, but I plan on doing everything I can to keep that door shut for as long as possible. 

If that means paint splatters on everything I own then so be it!

YOU do NOT have to be an "artist" to give your child the gift of time to create. All it means is a quick trip to a local art or dollar store and let them figure it out themselves. You don't need to have Pinterest tutorials lined up (although those can be amazing) or know about paints, techniques, nada. Just allow them access to supplies and sit back to watch the magic happen. 

As long as the DESIRE  to create is there 

then you ARE an artist, no matter your age or talent. 

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