Toddler Art Project > Eye Dropper + Watercolors = Creative Masterpiece

March 03, 2016

That moment when you realize your three year old toddler is a better artist than you... ‪#‎realitycheck‬

There is something so magically addicting to watching Eve paint. Perhaps it is her complete disregard of the possibility of making a mistake or second guessing herself. All I know is that it makes me want to be more like her, to achieve that artistic freedom each of us are born with but lose along the way.

She made this painting using only an eye dropper, paper towel, kosher salt and liquid watercolors

This is a fabulous project to try with kids, I recommend using watercolor paper and taping it down using painter's tape so the puddles don't damage the piece.

I filled up a tinfoil muffin pan from the dollar store with liquid watercolors and let Eve go to town using only an eyedropper.

 I would make sure to have plenty of paper towel or rags on hand in case the creativity escalates to the point of splattering everything in a 5 foot radius.

If you have salt, coarser the better, on hand let them sprinkle it wherever they like. It absorbs the liquid and when it fully dries, leaves amazing texture and surprise patterns!

Why not give it a try yourself?!

When you are all done just frame your piece and theirs and you now have gorgeous abstract art to display on your walls!

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