Eye Dropper Painting - Tutorial

March 06, 2016



I can't even begin to describe how much I adore this painting technique, especially when Eve is involved. The pressure to create a masterpiece out of thin air is something I think we all experience, it is also the reason many of us avoid creating in the first place. The amazing thing about EYE DROPPER PAINTING is that not only can anyone do it, but it eliminates all of that unnecessary pressure.

You won't be using a paintbrush or pencil at all, but rather an eye dropper! With so much out of your control you will be forced to let go and experience the artistic process without all those other thoughts and pressures clouding your mind. By the end of your painting session you will have a beautiful, spontaneous abstract that you can frame right away or come back to later and continue on. Perhaps you see a hidden image in the piece and end up using other tools to define a face or landscape that emerges from your imagination. This is a great way to collaborate with someone on a piece, whether your child or another peer, just make sure you get their permission and creative input first!

The most surprising aspect of this technique is that what seems like puddles of color that visually appears to become brown or black is actually anything but! As each color is added, via eye dropper, the watercolor paper soaks it up and adds another layer of color. Once all the extra liquid is removed you will be amazed at what lays underneath.

If you do not have liquid watercolors on hand you can use diluted tempera or acrylic paints, although you may not receive the same effect. When doing this with a child it is a great opportunity to explain color theory and mixing!!

To WATCH the full TUTORIAL click below!

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