The Almighty Lion

December 04, 2014

"The Almighty Lion" is a watercolor painting that was created when I collaborated with my two year old daughter, Eve.

Most of our collaborations begin with Eve starting the piece and I will finish it with her at my side as she provides feedback, however I wanted to change things up. A while back we created "Mr. Blueberry Giraffe" which started off with one of my sketches and Eve used watercolors to fill it in. I really loved that way of collaborating with her and decided to try it again, but this time overlapping our painting and ideas.

"The Almighty Lion" began as a rough sketch I had done of a lion's face and mane then let Eve take over using watercolors and a spray bottle filled with water. Once she had decided she was done for the evening we let it dry and returned to it together the next day. It was such an amazing feeling of being able to paint simultaneously, it was if we were dance partners learning each others rhythm and flow. 

 Of course, Eve inevitably decided she had had her fill of painting for the day and that "cooking" muffins for me would be more entertaining. While she "cooked" I went ahead and added the final details. When I felt that it was complete I let Eve have the final say and she added the very last brushstroke and declared it complete! (She was eager to get her muffins out of the "oven" before they burned)

I hope you enjoy the piece and feel inspired to try collaborating with someone you know, whether child, friend or family! It truly makes my day when I receive an email with photos of your collaborative creations attached and I look forward to seeing what else you may all come up with!

Here is the time lapse video


As Eve and I continue on we are doing our best to document our collaborations. If you want to follow us here is a guide on how you can do so!

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Then of course there is my own Official Artist Website that holds my portfolio, CV, biography, media links and most recently my collaborations with Eve. (Basically all of the professional side without the shenanigans.)

That is enough social media to make my head spin!!! 

 I thought I would break it down to make it easier for the reader to follow
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We appreciate all of your support and encouragement :)

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  1. I can't say how much I absolutely love this one!! Gorgeous work, ladies!!