Blank Canvas + No Plan + Music = Raw Art

December 29, 2014

 There is nothing quite like breaking out a new white canvas and just going wild. Having no plan or concept, you simply blast some music and let the paintbrush show you the way...

Don't over think it and just discover. Explore the way certain colors mix, patterns you can create with the brush or how the music can sway you into a new design.

Eve loves when we take the time to just relax and paint. Today I decided to break out some different objects to show her the variety of patterns you can come up with, it is a great way to add texture and hidden elements to your piece. You don't need to break the bank at an art store, simply look through your recycling bin or different household items and let the experimenting begin! (This is a great project to do with a young child who is learning there colors, shapes and textures, not to mention the importance of reusing recycled items)

This is Eve's brand new masterpiece of the day!

This is a great project to start off with if you have never painted or even as a refresher for the seasoned artist. Sometimes you have to give up your concepts or ideas and just let the paintbrush flow, you'll never know what magic you are capable of unless you try! 

This is one of the many ways Eve teaches me what it is to paint like a child again, with no inhibitions or structure to get in the way you are free to just feel it. 

I know it may sound a bit "hippie" but you truly have no idea how freeing it is until you try it! Personally, I find I tend to get caught up in what I imagine the final piece will look like and frustrated when it isn't turning out exactly how I would like. This exercise teaches me to go back to the basics and reinvent the way I look at art. Art is not something to be contained and manipulated but rather meant to draw out your inner creativity in a raw, explosive manner.

I know what I see in Eve's piece, but what do you see?
(I love how everyone has different views and imaginations, it is what makes each of us an artist whether we practice or not. )

Here is a little video of her working on the piece

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  1. What medium did Eve use to paint this with?

    1. Hello!
      She used non - toxic, craft acrylics and some of my own acrylic paints as well.
      Thanks for stopping by!