Never Give Up.

February 04, 2018

The painting on the left is one I did of Eve in 2013 when I had just begun to dabble with watercolours and the one of Theo on the right was painted just yesterday.
Do not give up. Practice.
Even when you don't want to and especially when you think you'll never get better. Those moments of self-doubt are powerful, if you succumb to them you have lost the potential inside of you, BUT if you use it as a tool to motivate yourself, to prove to yourself you are capable of more than it will propel you forward.
Your only competition should be yourself. Soak up the knowledge and techniques of other artists, use the knowledge but don't envy the artist. They cannot do what you can do which is something you'll only discover if you TRY.
Remember, the only time you should be focusing on the past is to see how far you have come so it can remind you of how far you have yet to go.
How far you WILL go.

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