"A Land of Untold Stories" - A Collaboration with my Toddler

March 13, 2017

A Collaboration with my Toddler(s)

"A Land of Untold Stories"

by  Eve, Theodore & Ruth Oosterman

The first ever collaboration between the three of us!

 I can't even begin to express the excitement and insane love that I experienced for my two munchkins throughout this whole process. Seeing them paint side by side working together to create art left me with goosebumps and the urge to smother them with affection, but I held off just until they decided they were finished painting. And then, of course, I pounced.

As most people know, siblings are the ultimate definition of "Frenemies." You love each other to death and would do anything for the other if in need, but if they happen to change the channel or "borrow" your favourite item... well then it's all out war.

Being able to witness my one-year-old and four-year-old actually painting side by side in the song and dance of collaborating was absolutely magical. I sat beside them almost scared to breathe for fear of breaking the spell of peace and harmony, simply overwhelmed as I witnessed a beautiful partnership blossoming into reality. Theo was mesmerised by Eve painting away and Eve patiently took her time with him, explaining everything she was doing as he tried to keep up.

But let's be honest, it only took about 5 minutes after this painting session ended for them to be chasing each other screaming at the top of their lungs in yet another epic battle.

When I sat down to look at this piece there were a few things that immediately popped out and I began painting, however, the top right of the painting had me stumped. I couldn't put together what I saw but I knew there was something special and would just have to be patient for the inspiration to appear. It was almost two months later as I watched them play that a story began to evolve in my head, one which I invited Eve to help me create. Once we collaborated on the story down below the inspiration returned in full force. I made a copy of their painting, picked up my paintbrush and soon enough, "A Land of Untold Stories" came to be. As Eve grows older I look forward to revisiting this piece with her to collaborate on the many untold stories of those who live in this magical world.

A Land of Untold Stories

"Once upon a time in a land where anything was possible lived a brother and sister. Now, they weren't just brother and sister, but also the bestest of friends and guardians of this magical land. The prince and princess ruled over all and their subjects adored them, even when they chose to be mischievous.

In this world of unlimited possibilities, you could find foxes and faeries as fast friends, owls who stood watch through the day and children who lived under the trees in little houses. Hidden in every tree, deep underground, entire villages existed unbeknownst to those passing by, each connected to the next by tunnels.

One day, Princess Eve decided to be more mischievous than most days and filled her flying bicycle with only green butterflies (notoriously difficult to catch) and let them loose throughout the land. Her brother, Prince Theo, might have minded chasing down every last butterfly but to him, his sister's contagious giggle was worth every minute of the task. Her laughter flooded the air as she flew away from her mischievous deed and soon all those that heard her could be found giggling along."


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