April 30, 2016

Now that Eve has turned 4 she has entered an entirely new artistic stage and I never realized just how much she was taking in, until this piece.

As you may have noticed, lately I have been slightly obsessed with painting night skies and landscapes. Eve must have been taking it all in and decided to create her own piece filled with stars, trees and a vibrant night sky.

It's easy to forget that children are always watching and learning. The most important lesson I can teach her will not be an art technique but to show firsthand the importance of pursuing one's passion. Whether her passion will be art or becomes something else it is crucial she finds an outlet that provides confidence and sense of fulfillment.
This is something that cannot be "taught" but rather mirrored by example. One of the best things you can do as a role model is to share your passions so they can learn the importance of discovering their own.


I know saying it is so much easier than living it, but use the little footsteps that follow as motivation. You only have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The greatest regrets you will have in life are not what you did but what you DIDN'T do. 

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