"What do you SEE?!" Contest Entries

September 22, 2015


"What Do YOU See?!

On August 15th I began a contest in which anyone could participate by entering their art, the catch was, that everyone had to use the very same drawing (pictured above). The drawing was created by Eve using her toes and was used to collaborate an original, "Collaboration with my Toddler" that we later named, "Edge of the Earth." 

(Watch the time lapse)

This contest had me ridiculously giddy at the thought of people from around the world, of different ages and backgrounds, would all be creating collaborations with Eve. The idea of having numerous art pieces submitted, using the very same foundation, but allowing the participant to unleash their imagination and creativity seemed absolutely magical to me.

And it was.

Even the pieces that were of a similar theme were still beautifully different as the individualism of the artist shone through in a variety of ways. I loved every single piece submitted and cannot wait to try this contest again. I have listed all the pieces entered down below with the winners announced at the very bottom.

A sincere thank you to everyone who participated and brought to light the beauty that is found in your art.
It has never matter whether you consider yourself an "artist," for as long as the DESIRE is there than you ARE an artist.

And amazing ones at that! The greatest challenge is overcoming the fear of failure and creating something out of nothing instead.Well done and thank you for participating!

 Name: Stephanie Leatherbarrow 
Title: Pirate Princess
Medium: Watercolour
Brief description: A pirate princess in search of Neverland.

Artist: Christine Cerdan
Medium: Digital, Gimp Software

By- Gerardo Venegas
Digital art
Description: A cyborg cowboy from space having a malfunction.

 "Resting Bug"
by Mikayla Buecher

All of the entries above who entered into the public vote as well as the second winner who would be decided by Eve and I. All of the entries below were late / extra entries that would be included as consideration of the winner that would be decided by Eve and I. 

The WINNER of the public vote was determined by the amount of Facebook "likes" their piece of art received from September 15th until midnight of September 21st. The winner is Jared Shapiro, who entered the piece down below:

The WINNER of the judge vote ended up being determined by Eve. Originally I was going to help her decide, but to be honest, I loved them all and couldn't settle on one. I decided to take the easy way out and let Eve have the sole decision and she chose... "Dream Adventure" by Valerie Inderfurth

The winner of each category will receive a personalized package in the mail that includes:

 - an original, signed painting from Eve 
- an original, 5 x 7, signed painting from myself 
- a signed, 8 x 10 art print of the original collaboration featured from the same drawing used in the contest, "Edge of the Earth"

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