CONTEST - What do YOU see?!

August 14, 2015


"What Do YOU See?!

The last contest held was one where I asked you to collaborate with someone you care about and the entries were fantastic!! This time around I thought we would try something a little different, this is a contest anyone can enter and doesn't require you to find a partner, even though you will still be collaborating.

How is that possible you may ask? How on earth do I collaborate without a partner?! WELL, your partner will be my favorite person in the world, EVE! Each person participating will collaborate with the exact same drawing that Eve created, resulting in a fabulous display of worldwide imaginations colliding to create a variety of unique pieces. (Can you tell I'm just a little excited!?)

The drawing we will be using can be downloaded at this link: Eve's Original Drawing

The contest will officially begin on August 15th and end September 15th at midnight. (this will give you PLENTY of time to collaborate with Eve's piece. So no pressure and no excuses, just have fun with it!) 

Contest Details

There will be 2 different winners for this contest that fall into different categories, the details and prizes are as follows.

PUBLIC VOTE: The participant who receives the most likes on their entry via a Facebook Album, that I will upload at, by September 15th at midnight will win!

JUDGE VOTE: Eve and I will take a look through all the entries and will pick a winner we felt went above and beyond when it comes to using their imagination. 

PRIZES: The winner of each category will receive a personalized package in the mail that includes:
 - an original, signed painting from Eve
 - an original, 5 x 7, signed painting from myself
 - a signed, 8 x 10 art print of the original collaboration featured from the same drawing used in the contest, "Edge of the Earth"


-In order to enter you must submit your piece BEFORE September 15th at midnight, which is when the contest closes.
- You must use Eve's original drawing to create your piece.
- You can use any medium you wish, whether digital or physical
- If you are submitting a piece as the artist it must be 100% created by you 
- Submissions must be made to and include your name, the title of the piece, what you used to create it and a short sentence or two describing the piece.
- Only one entry per person
- Use your IMAGINATION, think outside the box!!

Once all of the entries have been submitted I will create an album on Facebook that consists of all of the entries. You will able to share your entry with your friends in order to get likes (a.k.a votes) which will determine who wins the Public Vote. 

On September 22nd at midnight the voting will end and I will determine the winner of both the Public and Judge vote and announce it the following day, September 23rd. 

I can't even describe how excited I am to see what you come up with, you have a full month to get creative so don't hold back!! This isn't about whether you see yourself as an artist or not, it is about expanding your mind and trying something new. Try challenging yourself to collaborate with Eve to create a unique piece of art that could NEVER exist unless you TRY!

It will be such an amazing experience to see people from all around the world use the same foundation to create such individual, artistic creations. 


(Last minute tip: If you are printing Eve's drawing out onto paper to create a physical collaboration there are a few different ways you can try. You can either use regular or cardstock paper if you are using crayons, pencil, or markers OR if you want to use paint then print it out onto watercolor paper. The watercolor paper will allow you to use whatever paint you like without it rippling and falling apart. )

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  1. I started. So hopefully I'll finish!

    1. Hooray!! Can't wait to see what you come up with Victor!