A Toddler's Self Love

August 18, 2014

Well this summer has definitely been a hectic one, filled with ups and downs and plenty of adventures. Unfortunately that means my dedication to blogging at least once a week has definitely fallen short and I thought this video was just too cute not to post so here we are.

My sister and mom brought Eve to the science center where she came face to face with 3 new reflections of herself. As any two year old should be, she is filled with self confidence and self worth and displays it in the video. There is no fixing of the hair, rearranging her outfit or frowning at how today she just looks off, as us adults tend to do when faced with a mirror.  It is scary how young we are when our self perception begins to turn negative.

When we grow up surrounded by constant reminders of what society views as "perfect" it is a daily struggle to remain confident in who we are as an individual. There is absolutely no one in this world who is the replica of YOU and we should all rejoice in our flaws that make us unique and beautiful.

As a mother I admire Eve and her innocence, the beauty of her self worth and unlimited confidence, some days I find my admiration falls closer to envy, wishing that level of confidence for myself. I know that one day, hopefully far away, I will have to guide her carefully through the endless traps set to make her fall into what society wants and how she is expected to appear. I so dearly wish I could capture these moments and the feelings she experiences as a two year old so they can fill her with confidence later in life.

It is an intimidating world filled with peer pressure and critical remarks, but I will do my best to remind her every chance I can that she is truly beautiful inside and out JUST the way she is.

One of the hardest battles I will face is to begin this lesson first with myself to be the role model she needs me to be.

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  1. She is so precious :)

    ~ Lu