*CONTEST* What can you see?!

December 05, 2016


A while ago I ran a contest that led to amazing results. I shared one of Eve's drawings with all of you and asked that you collaborate with her and use your imagination to bring forth what you saw in it. It was so beautiful to witness the individuality of each submission and how it represents what makes us all unique. We are all bound to see different images pour forth from our creative minds even though we are staring at the same artwork and in that diversity lies the truth. We all live on the same earth in the same world however we all view life differently, yet no one is wrong and no one is right, we must simply accept each other's differences as a reflection of one of the amazing complexities of humanity.

The painting above wasn't created by Eve but rather my 15-month-old son, Theo. His interest in art is all-consuming as he loves to feel the texture of paint and see the effect of it being thrown onto paper. (and the floors... and walls... pretty much everything really)

I posted Theodore's painting up on Facebook and asked what each of you could see and the response was overwhelming. From poetic answers to straightforward, each was as unique as the one writing it.  It blew my mind at how one simple, abstract like painting could emit so much emotion and feeling from such a wide range of people. A single image bringing together multiple minds and creative forces to discuss what their imagination was telling them.

Maybe I am just a sap but that hits me right in the creative soul.

All of your answers were fantastic and I think it would be absolutely MAGICAL to bring them all to life, which is why I am going to hold another contest just like the first! This time around it will be using Theodore's artwork rather than Eve's.

And before you DARE say, "Well count me out... I'm not an artist," I would very much like to politely say... shut your mouth.

As adults, we are constantly telling children not to say, "I can't," but we cannot expect them to listen when we aren't living what we are preaching. There is great danger in uttering those words (or even thinking them) because it kills potential before it even has a chance, you are slowly training your mind to become a quitter. You are strangling any sense of confidence and desire to grow as a person so be very careful to never say, "I can't."

As long as the desire is there to create then you ARE an artist. 

So please, pick up that pencil, markers, paint or whatever you may like and bring forth the image you see in this painting. If you are feeling too shy to share then so be it, but just TRY. I promise you that you will surprise yourself and if you are up for it, submit it to the contest!!

Contest Details

There will be 2 different winners for this contest that fall into different categories, the details and prizes are as follows.

PUBLIC VOTE: The participant who receives the most likes on their entry via a Facebook Album, that I will upload at www.facebook.com/ruthoosterman, by January 15th at midnight will win!

JUDGE VOTE: Eve and I will take a look through all the entries and will pick a winner we felt went above and beyond when it comes to using their imagination. 

PRIZES: The winner of each category will receive a personalized package in the mail that includes:
 - an original painting from Theodore
 - an original, 5 x 7, signed painting from yours truly
 - a signed, 8 x 10 art print of the original collaboration between Theo and I using the same painting for the contest.


-In order to enter you must submit your piece BEFORE January 15th at midnight, which is when the contest closes.
- You must use Theo's original painting to create your piece.
- You can use any medium you wish, whether digital or physical
- If you are submitting a piece, as the artist it must be 100% created by you 
- Submissions must be sent to ruthoosterman@hotmail.com and include your name, the title of the piece, what you used to create it and a short sentence or two describing the piece.
- Only one entry per person. If you happen to create more please feel free to send them to me anyways, I would love to not only see them but share with everyone else.
- Use your IMAGINATION, think outside the box!!

Once all of the entries have been submitted I will create an album on Facebook that consists of all of the entries. You will able to share your entry with your friends in order to get likes (a.k.a votes) which will determine who wins the Public Vote. 

On January 22nd at midnight the voting will end and I will determine the winner of both the Public and Judge vote and announce it the following day, January 23rd. 

I can't even describe how excited I am to see what you come up with, you have over a month to get creative so don't hold back!! This isn't about whether you see yourself as an artist or not, it is about expanding your mind and trying something new. Try challenging yourself and collaborate with Theo to create a unique piece of art that could NEVER exist unless you participated!

It will be such an amazing experience to see people from all around the world use the same foundation to create such individual, artistic creations. 


(Last minute tip: If you are printing Theo's drawing out onto paper to create a physical collaboration there are a few different ways you can do so. You may either use regular or cardstock paper if using crayons, pencil, or markers OR if you want to use paint then make sure to print it out onto watercolor paper. The watercolor paper will allow you to use whatever paint you like without it rippling and falling apart. )


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