Collaborating with my 15-month-old, Theo.

December 04, 2016

Eve and I began officially collaborating when she was just two years old and now a few years have passed filled with many changes. One of them being, Theodore, the latest addition to our family. 

Eve's little brother, who is now 15 months old, is quite the tornado of energy, maybe it is just a thing with boys but his motor skills also seem further along. He is already holding a paint brush quite well and going to town whenever allowed... that being said he has yet to say Momma. (although it does come in handy at 3am when all you can hear is "Dada," and I get to roll over and go back to sleep...)

I knew that I would jump at the chance to collaborate with him one day, but it came as quite a surprise to see him already at the stage he is now. He absolutely adores painting and more often than not I find him climbing up on my office chair and trying to steal paintbrushes, which was cute at first but now I am thinking not so much. (Just the image of him standing on tippy toes at the edge of the chair as he reaches for them makes me cringe.)

I thought I would share one of his first paintings and what I believe will be our first collaborative project. I definitely see something in this piece but of course, I wanted to ask you what you see!?

One of my favourite parts about sharing the collaborative process is getting to hear what each of you see in the artwork as each answer is a reflection of your soul and imagination coming into play. It is truly beautiful how diverse our world is and it should always be something that is embraced and never feared.

Imagine the world we could create if our individuality was celebrated and put together as puzzle pieces creating a masterpiece rather than our diversity being ignorantly criticized, leading to chaos and hate.

Our differences are what makes us great. When shown the exact same piece of art, in this case created by an infant, I can guarantee that each of you will see something completely unique to you and your imagination.

The same image, different opinions. No one is wrong and no one is right, just the simple exercise of accepting and respecting another's thoughts.

There is an almost poetic beauty to be found in that.

So what DO you see?!

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