We have a WINNER!

October 20, 2014

After being sent over 17 unique collaborations by some very talented duos we finally have an official winner. While I am absolutely amazed and inspired by every single one we eventually had to put it to a vote and the results are in...

Drum roll please. <insert drum roll here>

The winners are...


"Speak through the Storm"
Medium: Mixed Media



 Medium: Pencil and Paint


The first place winner goes to an amazing duo that used a medium no one else did creating a VERY unique piece. I have never even tried using makeup as a medium and I applaud such ingenious creativity, I might have to try it too! 
Congratulations Ariel and Liznette!

"Makeup Princess"
Medium: Makeup

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and support the creativity of all of the collaborations entered whether it was by commenting or through email. 
A HUGE thank you to all of the amazing people who entered their collaborations into the contest, I hope you enjoyed the process and know you have inspired everyone who viewed your art, especially myself. Collaborating and sharing this bonding experience with your children is truly priceless and the memories you have created with them will last forever, I do hope you all continue to create!

Although I aim to repeat this contest again in the upcoming months I have another contest in the works right now that will allow anyone to participate, not just duos. I will be posting up an original drawing of Eve's for you to print out and create your own collaboration with her which you can then submit as your entry. The winner of the contest will receive the original painting I create from that same drawing!
Stay tuned for more information and don't forget to keep creating!!

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  1. Truly beautiful works of art. Congratulations to the three placers! I love how the first placers used makeup to create such an image. I hope that even more amazing and ingenious works come your way the next time you organize a contest. Thanks for sharing! Wishing everyone the best of inspirations for your works!

    Michelle Scott @ Skild