Classroom Adventure

October 16, 2014

Today Eve and I had a fabulous adventure when we visited a Grade 2 and 3 classroom after being invited to share our story and talk about our collaborations. 

Before we had a chance to show some of our paintings I wanted to make sure they got to see Eve's originals. I asked the students what they could see in Eve's drawings and I really wish I had been able to record the results. All of the answers differed and I couldn't believe what some of them were coming up with! The minute they told me their own unique vision I could see it begin to form in Eve's original pieces. I stressed to them that none of their answers could ever be wrong since we are all created to see things differently. The important thing is to learn how to share what makes us unique with those around us by using our individual talents.

 After we were done speaking, all the students picked a partner and created their own collaborations. They each received a white piece of paper where they scribbled and doodled, when they were done they passed it off to their partner to paint. I can't even tell you how ecstatic I was watching these young minds work together and discuss how they would create together.

Even Eve got into the collaborating process by participating in some of their pieces!

Each of their paintings were so unique and creative and I am so grateful for being able to share this with them.

Thank you Mrs. Gautreau for inviting us to your wonderful classroom!

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