Firefly - A Collaboration with my Toddler

July 18, 2017

A Collaboration with my Toddler


by Theodore & Ruth Oosterman

The boy always wished that one day he would have a dog and on the night he saw his first shooting star he whispered this dream out loud. His faith was so strong he threw his favourite red ball as far as he could and told his mother he would not leave that spot until the ball returned with his wish.
The stars heard his earnest call and whispered to the fireflies for them to use their magic to bring the young boy's dream to life. The fireflies gathered together under the moonlit sky where the ball had landed among a pile of white rocks.
As the fireflies circled the shining rocks began to float and dance together melding into the form of a small puppy.
The boy sat for hours, begging his mother for just one more minute for he knew the stars would not let him down. He understood the power of faith under a night's sky and the magic held within the dusky hours that follow a sunset.
A small sound coming from the bushes in the direction the ball had flown caused the boy to catch his breath. Before he even knew what was happening a small ball of white fur came crashing down on him smothering him with wet kisses.
In joyous wonder he realised that sitting in front of him was his new best friend, his wish come true. It had to be the whitest dog he had ever seen, in fact, it almost seemed to the boy as if the wiggling creature in front of him was glowing like a firefly.
And so he named him, Firefly. (Make sure to scroll down to watch the time-lapse video)

I read the story to Eve to get her opinion and she insisted on making a collaboration between her and I about the story. Without seeing the finished collaboration between Theo and I, she created this piece over top of a background I painted. I love how she used perspective by making the house smaller and included the shadow of a little boy in the window waiting. She even added a shooting star, ball and fireflies!

Check out the Timelapse video of the collaboration down below.

At the very end, I added a clip of Eve showing the finished collaboration to Theodore and his reaction was downright adorable.

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