Two Years of Painting

September 26, 2016

                                                        Two years of Painting

I love watching how much Eve has evolved as an artist, her latest painting of a unicorn blew me away. She is so focused and every stroke is filled with purpose and imagination showing how much difference two years makes, especially for a child!

Children are blank slates, they can and will learn anything you allow them to experience 100x faster than teaching them. The best thing you can do is give them the freedom and supplies to experience and grow!

Here is the video for Eve's Unicorn painting! She wanted to paint a striped unicorn with her best friend, a colorful giraffe, standing in front. They are waiting for a rainstorm under some dark clouds, she used acrylics on a wooden panel.
Of course I am simply obsessed with Eve's painting.
She is in such unicorn phase that every time she sees a horse she says ,"Oh no! He lost his horn!"
Although I've told her the difference between the two, horse and unicorn, I haven't had the heart to tell her they don't exist. Maybe because part of me believes they once did exist, perhaps way in the future, parents will talk about the black rhinos the same way we do unicorns today.

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