Love Deeply

November 18, 2015

What comes out of your mouth becomes a window to what you let live in your soul. As history is set up to repeat itself, yet again, I ask for you to rise above the expectations and raise our standard for humanity by starting with yourself. What our enemy wants is to divide us, turn family and friends against each other for the sole reason of having a difference of opinions or ideology. Only until we have been divided, they will truly be able to conquer us. 

Religion, race, occupation, gender, culture... none of these are the root of the problem. There are evil people among us who choose to use a variety of these as tools to spew hate and terror, the same tools we use for good. Do not let their choices distract us and create conflict among each other, tearing us down to where they want us. Fight against the urge to fear and hate the unknown and choose instead to search out for answers and solutions.
History has shown time and time again, hate will get us nowhere. While love may be the answer to many of our problems remember that paired with ignorance we might as well be running in circles. Love deeply AND search for answers, do not be ignorant of what is really happening.

Humanity has spun in a thousand directions the last two weeks over the horrific events happening throughout world. Emotions and opinions are heightened and the inner workings of humanity are bubbling to the surface through hate, love and ignorance. It is incredibly hard to get a grasp on reality let alone explain what is happening to your child. 

Our children and their children will look back at our actions and words and I can only pray that we make them proud. I know that ignorant love may not be the answer, but neither is hate or negativity. By returning hate with hate we are only adding fuel to the fire and proving our enemies right, however if we continue to love deeply, perhaps potential enemies may be swayed into the light. Let us sway their next generation by showing them what LIFE really means, that there is beauty to be found in our differences. 

Our enemies would like us to believe that to love is to show weakness, for they shake in fear since they know that is our greatest weapon. If we were to put aside our differences we could band together and truly begin the fight against evil. I know I do not have the answers to any of these conflicts, but if we are to learn anything from history, it is that hate is NOT the answer. 

Our children learn from us, everything we say and do, we are their role models. Remember this as you react to world events, they are our only chance at a peaceful future, let us give them the tools to succeed. 

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